Easily Organize Your Backpack and Keep It That Way Year Round

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Easily Organize Your Backpack and Keep It That Way Year-Round – After you tackle every other spring cleaning task, you might have one last area that you haven’t noted: Clean out and organize your backpack for the final semester of the school year. Between books, notebooks, pens, pencils, your laptop and other sundry items, keeping your backpack organized might seem like a major task, but with a few minutes of planning, it’s actually not that difficult.

Pockets – Almost every backpack has exterior pockets. Use them, but use them wisely. Instead of stuffing things where they might fit and hunting through pocket after pocket searching for your favorite pen, combine items in individual pockets by function or type. Save the interior compartment for the larger items.

Keep all your pens, highlighters, erasers, pencils and sharpeners in one pocket. Keep them compact by winding a rubber band around the pens, another around your highlighters and a third around your pencils. Put your erasers and sharpeners in recloseable, plastic baggies.



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Designate another pocket as your electronics pocket. Keep your calculator, cell phone charger, cell phone or other hand-held electronic devices in individual baggies for weather protection and store them in one pocket.

Store snacks, water bottles and miscellaneous items, also protected in recloseable bags, in the other exterior pockets.

Assigning specific pockets specific storage tasks allows you to quickly see what you might be forgetting and certainly makes finding things much easier and faster.

Large Interior Compartments – If you have a backpack with two compartments, you’re halfway home. Keep the outer compartment reserved for soft-bound or spiral notebooks, smaller textbooks and files. If possible, use a different colored notebook for each class. Cross-reference the appropriate text books by a hand-made, paper cover of the same color or a like-colored bookmark.

If color-coordinated notebooks isn’t convenient, use empty manila folders as dividers, marking each area or subject on the file tag for easy reference. Use the files to hold loose papers pertaining to that class.

From the divider outward, keep larger items to the rear and tier the size downward until the smallest items you carry inside the pack are toward the outer material.

The rear compartment is your most secure area. Here, you should carry your laptop, larger textbooks and hard-bound notebooks. If possible, store your laptop closest to your back. Place a wider item on top to help protect it then pack the rest of your items comfortably in and around the compartment. Keep the heavier items close to you; the pack is more comfortably carried that way.

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Trash Bag – It never fails. You pack everything you need for the day’s classes. You have lunch on the lawn under the tree in the park. Did you forget your emergency trash bag? Keeping a plastic bag that’s in good shape in one of the exterior pockets for times when you don’t have immediate access to a trash can can work as a mobile receptacle until you find a trash can. Don’t forget to throw it away at the end of the day, but having one protects not only the environment from litter but also your backpack and everything you have in it. There’s nothing wrong with recycling it after washing it thoroughly either. That’s good for the environment too. Just make sure there are no tears or holes that could defeat its purpose.

Summary – Organizing your backpack for a semester’s or a full year’s work can be completed in a few moments. Just know in advance what you want to carry. Keep small items needed often in the exterior pockets, protected from inclement weather, then work outward with basically the heaviest items first, and you’re ready to go.

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