A Guide To Choose The Best Moving Company

Hiring the right moving company is as important as the move itself. This can be an overwhelming task to do. Obviously, you don’t want to handle your precious stuff to any rogue movers and then repent later. Choose wisely and move your precious belongings and heirloom safely at your new place.

Before you shell out your money on any movers, here is a guide to choose the best moving company for your move.

1. Research Before You Hire

The foremost thing to do before you hire the movers is doing the research. A good online research on your own can save you from vague movers. Collect the adequate background information of different moving companies. This will help you narrow down your options and have a firm list of the potential movers. The moving companies allow you to ask your queries on their websites and offer a written response.

2. The License Check

Now that you have a list of New York local movers, it is advisable to visit them in person. Ask the moving company for the valid license number. Visit the website of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, an agency in the US’s Department Of Transport (DOT), to find out if your mover has a DOT number. If it has it will assure you that it is a legitimate company.

3. The Insurance Check

Check if the company carries the insurance. Go through the company’s website to see if they have an insurance and whether they cover your precious belongings under the homeowners or renters policy. And if not, get supplemental moving insurance to cover all the risks that can occur during a move.

4. Type of Mover You Want to Hire

The type of mover you want for your move will decide what you should research about. The type of your move will be a major factor to decide what kind of moving company you should hire. There are following types of move:

  • Intrastate Moving
  • Interstate Moving
  • Long Distance Moving
  • Moving and Storage

5. The Reviews and Ratings

Go through the reviews and customer ratings on the company’s own website as well as other review websites. Consider the negative reviews os customer and see how the company has replied to their reviews. Be wary of the fake reviews that are present on the company’s
website to lure the customers.

You can get an idea about the quality of services that a moving company offers by checking with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in your area. The BBB has the details of reputable moving companies.

Go an extra mile with getting the recommendations from the friends, colleagues, and, relatives. If nothing works for you, the last you can do is ask for the company for the list of references.

6. Asking The Right Questions

Either over the phone or in-person, don’t forget to ask your movers the right questions that can help you choose the best ones. Don’t hesitate if any question arises in your mind as all your belongings would be on stake.

7. Binding Quotation In Writing

In the USA, there are three types of moving quotes:

  • Binding Quote
  • Non-Binding Quote
  • Non-binding to exceed Quote

There are many rogue movers out there who provide the “guaranteed” quotes but later charge you more on delivery or hold your items back till you give them the demanded money. So when you ask for the quotation, get it in writing.

8. Get Quotes from three Companies with in-home survey

We recommend you to get written moving estimates from at least 3 moving companies. Ask the movers to come to your place and a get a detailed in-house survey. Compare the quotes and then select the best among the three.

9. Be wary of signing the blank moving contract

Do not make a huge mistake to sign a blank moving contract. Get your moving estimate in writing. The contract should include the mover’s estimate, extra fees if any, pick-up, and complete delivery details. Do not leave any of your items unlisted in the inventory list. Sign the dotted line only when you are satisfied and done with choosing the movers.

10. Get a written copy of the moving company’s inventory list

Once done with all don’t forget to get a copy of the moving company’s inventory list. If any of the items are not mentioned in the inventory form you sign before the driver leaves, don’t expect it to be in the moving boxes when he arrives.

Follow these tips that can help you hire the best moving company for your move.

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