A perfect day at the Hanlan’s Beach Point in Toronto

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Hanlan’s Beach is a nude beach. It’s one of those beaches where clothing is optional. People come here from all over Canada to sunbathe and get some Vitamin D. I was a bit skeptical about visiting the beach but once I reached I changed my perspective. Although I did not involve myself in any form of nudity, I decide to explore the tiny island.

I first began my hiking to the beautiful Trout Pond. It’s a U-shaped pond that’s within the closed zone of the island. Tourists and locals come here to fish trout. It’s a great picnic spot, however. The area was clean, surrounded by an abundance of tall trees offering shades to those who do not seek much of Vitamin D. This pond in the Toronto Island is the perfect place to commercially and recreationally fish trout. There are rules when one fishes from the Trout Ponds. Fishing nets and other devices are strictly prohibited. One must acquire a fishing license to fish on the island. Boats and canoe are available for rent from the Boathouse that’s located at the middle of the island.

After visiting the beautiful pond, I headed to the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse. It is said to be the oldest lighthouse in Canada. The lighthouse seemed very colonial and coastal in architecture. I personally think it is also one of the country’s oldest buildings. Well, I may be wrong, but by looking at the construction, I am certain that my statement is true. Gibraltar Point Lighthouse is just adjacent to the Trout Pond and opposite to the Hanlan’s Island and Hanlan’s Bay. It’s a beautiful place too, and I recommend everyone to see the lighthouse.

And lastly, I hiked all my way to the isolated Captain Mori Beach. I hardly found anyone there. Some people just wanted to admire the blue ocean and the warm yellow sand. It was pretty much a relaxing scene to listen to the waves and wind hitting my eardrums. I haven’t seen Canada the way Toronto has shown me. Hanlan’s Beach Point is certainly a very interesting place to visit with friends and family. People who are worried about the nude beach should know that there are separate zones for people who do not wish to be a part of any forms of nudity. The Toronto Islands is a perfect place to enjoy a wonderful day.

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