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Concrete is an artificial stone obtained by mixing cement, sand, and aggregates with water. Because of its durable, fire resistant, relatively cheap features Concrete has become the most common and important material for large buildings.

Concrete constitutes the base of a lot of constructions like buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, water pipes dams etc or specially designed to rejuvenate worn, damaged, or for ugly concrete, there are concrete overlays to use as per the need. Concrete can be used to

  • Correct elevation problems,
  • Restore the look of plain gray brushed concrete or
  • Transform a colorless floor or wall into something colorful and dramatic.

Why concrete floor for crack repair?

  • Production of the floor is extremely inexpensive.
  • Gives a discreet and elegant look to the floor.
  • Immediately after curing Grinding and polishing can be done.
  • Better balanced appearance.
  • Easy To Clean
  • Fire-Proof

Whether you need to restore your floor to its original look or give it a new one, or simply need concrete resurfacing or much more choosing best decorative industry proves best to you. Flash concrete is one of the leading decorative industries Christchurch that is running the industry since the leaving school.

Keeping eye on the latest local trends or constantly researching on new techniques, trends and products excite you to choose. Flash concrete decorative industry and a team over others as they provide best and effective concrete services and products in front of you to meet with your needs and expectations as below:


  • Concrete Overlays
  • External Hard capes
  • Interior
  • Vertical and Specialty

Micro Topping product is one of such product that allows the experienced craftsman to apply artistic effects, textures, and colors combinations.

Micro-Topping Advantages

  • It is applied to an existing floor and does not vary the finished floor levels due to its thinness.
  • It allows creating floor patterns in various colors.
  • For floors and walls both interior and exterior due to its resistance to abrasion.
  • It waterproofs the surface due to its high content of acrylics.
  • Low maintenance cost since it only requires mopping.
  • In walls, it can be applied on a painted surface after technical evaluation.

So, from the above discussion, we can conclude that the concrete flooring gives the room a minimalist look and enhances the interior. As the concrete floors are sturdy and strong in form and cost-effective that makes it an ideal choice for residential flooring.

Installing concrete overlays or polished concrete overlays involve a number of steps. And having the right or best team is only the key to producing a world-class finish.

Flash concrete decorative industry is the one that provides a wide range of splendid concrete flooring solutions or services and beautifies your living space & office by turning your floor into a masterpiece.

To know more about Flash Concrete and its services in detail please, call us at 03 5952079 or visit our website HERE:

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