Bringing AR in Magento eCommerce: Steps towards a sustainable Growth

Originating its roots in the late nineteens, eCommerce has come a long way. Today’s eCommerce is quite superior to the traditional physical storefronts. Many technological trends have contributed to this immense growth.

The emerging technology of Augmented Reality is also one of those trends and has prompted the eCommerce industry to widen its horizon while enhancing the consumer’s experience. It withholds a future of infinite possibilities for distinct industries that can definitely stand out in the core competition.

“Augmented Reality is expected to acquire 1 billion users by the year 2020” – Study by Newgenapps

If we consider eCommerce industry, AR (Augmented Reality) has brought a revolution in the total purchase. As per retailperceptions,

– 61% of the consumers prefer to shop at eStores that offer AR powered services over ones that don’t

– And, 40% of the retailers are willing to spend more for your products if you allow them to experience it through augmented reality.

Considering this whole scenario, many retailers are adopting AR trends in their eCommerce business to favor consumer’s purchase decision and ease out their overall shopping experience. And, this increasing acceptance and popularity of AR have further enabled every leading Magento development company or developers to create AR powered apps to fulfill retailers’ needs and demands.

3 Ways you can leverage the power of AR in your Magento store

Here are three ways in which you can empower your consumers with augmented reality virtues while making a purchase from your Magento store. Let’s get started!

(1) Allow the consumers to realize your products virtually

Augmented Reality offers an in-store shopping experience to your customers, irrespective of their location. It enables them to try your products in the actual environment. For e.g., if you deal in cosmetics, your consumers can apply your products like lipsticks virtually and see if it looks good or not. What else do you and your customers need?

An online shopping is always linked to abandoned cart or product returns. It is often seen that people tend to buy some products like apparels or cosmetics from your store and return it after getting the delivery done. The reason being they are not able to see the actual product or how they fit or look on them or how the color suits them?

So, bringing AR in your online business can easily reduce such risks to a great extent.

(2) Compelling digital marketing

Social media is already in its full-swing when it comes to eCommerce. Its roots are deeply placed in terms of communication, sharing, shopping etc.

This mode is already user-driven to a great extent. Though AR-powered digital marketing is allowing retailers to use social platforms like Snapchat to work as word-of-mouth marketing platforms or endorsements as it provides them with more user-generated content.

Such content can easily be shared to drive and promote traffic to their eStores. Many leading businesses are incorporating augmented reality in their digital marketing efforts to grab customer’s attention and offer them favorable results. Here is the workflow of AR-powered digital marketing strategy:

– Generate brand awareness
– Longer and increased customer engagement
– and, Assuredly perceived value.

(3) Product customizations and previews

Apart from allowing your consumers to visualize your products in a real-time environment, AR also facilitates them to customize it as per their preferences & tastes.

Augmented Reality offers the customers with an ability to realize a 3D model of your products available in web stores, as well as customize it. The customers can easily choose the color or fit as per their wishes.

In this manner, a wider choice along with more options enables your consumers to make wiser decisions and eventually improves the purchasing rate.

From the above AR powered conveniences, we can ascertain a clear picture of sustainable growth for your eCommerce business. Ranging from startups to existing giants, everyone can leverage its power and harness the benefits in a longer term.

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