Decorate Your Nail With Poly Gel Nail Kit

The dehydrator is used to the unpolished nail to dissolve the oils on the nail, making sure that whatever you put on it sticks. When you apply acrylic nails a nail dehydrator is an important element. It makes your nails for the polymer, by balancing their pH level. An ideal manicure begins with the proper preparation.

Before including a polymer a nail dehydrator is a product that should be applied on your nails. It can be used with all types of nail enhancements and it allows promoting adhesion. It works wonders, especially on those clients’ nails which are prone to lifting.

This nail dehydrator comes in a little container with a small brush. The liquid is transparent. You can even purchase an entire poly gel nail kit, which usually contains a nail dehydrator or a primer. This particular item is quite slim and will disappear easily. You should use it only to your natural nails and use little it. Never use it after you are creating the polymer form.

The nail dehydrator must be used on your natural nails, without having any other products or nail polish on them. It melts your nails’ natural oils which help the other enhancement products to keep better on your nails’ surface. This way, whatever you are applying on your nails will stick better.

A nail primer is also used on an unpolished nail. It symbolizes the first layer or the base coat on which you will apply artificial enhancements or nail polish. This way, your nails will gain a rougher surface and the nail polish will conform easier. Besides this, it also defends your nails from products’ substances and types a chemical bond between the products and your nails. It is a way to extend your manicure’s life.

Most poly gel nail kit contains dehydrating components which are why you may use them on your nails without even using a nail dehydrator. However, your manicure will last longer with a dehydrator.

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