E-Visa India: A Simple portal for e tourist visa India

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and it has become the centre to many cultural and economic activities. It is also one of the most picturesque countries in the world, where every corner offers stunning scenic beauty, bringing in people from all over the world to visit this paradise on earth. Other reasons for people to visit this country include high end but affordable medical services, spiritual gratification and business prospects. Increasing Population density and growing GDP of the country has enhanced the purchasing power of the people of the country. And With Make in India campaign by Hon’ble Prime Minister, people all over the world are investing in the manufacturing units here. Whatever the purpose may be, it is to be noted that as many as 10 million people (according to 2017 reports) visit each year to India from various parts of the world, and almost all of them require a visa to enter the country.

Indian visa can be obtained in two ways:

  1. Apply Visa to India with submission of hard copy visa application along with all the documents in Indian embassy.
  2. Apply for easy e-visa online and use the ETA to get your visa on arrival at the immigration check of 24 designated airports.

Official Indian visa website offers the facility of getting your e-visa, but it is not exactly the best choice as it doesn’t provide much support like an agent that could really help you with filling the details in the application form or getting the list of documents to carry while travelling, or even applying for an e-visa. That’s why E-Visa India has stepped into the market, to help the prospective travellers to find easy and simple portal to apply for and Indian e-visa and get continuous support until the process is completed. E-Visa India, through its website makes sure that you have all the information you’ll ever need while applying for Indian e-visa. It has made separate pages for the instructions, documents required and terms and conditions for applying for an e-visa. Along with that, it has also explained the processing and privacy measures that are taken to protect user’s information.

The application form starts with you choosing the country where you are from and selecting the type of visa that you require for visiting India. Thereafter you can fill in all the details that you are supposed to fill in the application. E-Visa India offers three easy steps for anyone to apply for e-tourist visa India:

  1. Fill the application form according to the details that you have in your documentation, and save it before you leave your session.
  2. Amend the incorrect form or complete the incomplete form by filling in the information that you wish to, in your previously saved application form.
  3. Make online payment for the fixed amount that is indicated in E-Visa India website and submit your application.

After the application is submitted with the payment, you just need to sit back and wait for your e-visa to be processed and reach you in a few days via e-mail. Carry the print out of the same while you are travelling and obtain easy e-visa on arrival at the immigration check.

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