Formalities Involved with Visa Application For Umrah

Along with Hajj, Umrah is also equally important as per the Holy Quran. A person who is financially and physically capable should undertake the journey. Therefore, the traveling agencies have taken up the onus to make the journey seamless for the Muslims by offering them Umrah Visa from the USA.

Unlike the Hajj journey where the pilgrims visit Mecca once in a year; in case of Umrah, the pilgrims can undertake the journey multiple times in a year. Although considered to be a mini Hajj; every year millions of Muslims undertake this religious journey from the USA. As a result, the need for making their journey seamless arises.

What are the formalities to be done prior to applying for the Umrah Visa?

  • Apply:

For each and every person willing to undertake the Umrah journey; they have to fill up an application form for the umrah Visa from the USA. Only after reading, understanding and agreeing to all the terms and conditions a person has to sign the document to get a valid Visa for Umrah.

  • Credentials:

The name of a person matters a lot. Hence, in case if a person has a non-Muslim name; then he/she has to submit a certificate from the local Islamic centers or Mosques wherein it will be stated that the person is a Muslim.

  • Valid passport:

A person willing to undertake the journey should have a valid Visa for at least a period of 6 months from the date of application. The people undertaking the journey also need to submit a passport sized photograph with a white background, for attaching it to the application form. The photo must have a front view of the person’s face, a side view will not be acceptable.

  • People traveling:

As per the rules, children and women cannot travel alone without the supervision of an adult male, like a father or husband. Also, women and children should also be related to the adult male or else they cannot travel.

  • Health:

People traveling should also have a valid vaccination certificate for Meningococcal. The date of vaccination shouldn’t be more than 3 years and not less than 10 days. The certificate has to be carried with the individuals too.

The Umrah Visa from the USA is valid for 2 weeks. So, people who are visiting should complete their prayers within the 2 weeks from landing in Saudi Arabia. The aforementioned points should be followed and all their documents have to be updated prior to undertaking the journey.

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