How important is grammar while writing

Grammar lays the foundation of any piece of content. For making an impact through your communication, there stands a thumb rule that it has to be free from any sort of grammatical errors. So its time for us to understand the importance of such under-rated qualification

Just the way a poorly configured telephone wire causes discrepancies during a telephonic conversation, an article comprising of grammatical errors tends to deviate the article from its intended message. An article with grammatical errors sounds so horrible to the ears of a grammarnazi that it miserably fails to leave an impact despite offering impeccable content.

Grammar is the essence which makes a piece of writing more readable and likeable. Hence, much more interesting. Improper application of grammar tends to disrupt the flow and hence the intent of that message gets lost. And once the intent is lost, the story halts there an then.

Getting yourself well acquainted with Grammar rules not only allows you to think with a more logical progression of thoughts but also makes you a better storyteller at any point in time. Several English assignment help services are available where you can get online assistance in learning grammar rules.

It can even help learners to develop that amazing habit of thinking with a better vision and accurate channelization of thoughts. You tend to feel more confident of your writing skills. And its effect doesn’t stop here. A grammatically acknowledged person tend to be a better writer and a confident speaker.

  • Without implication of decent grammar, good communication is generally impossible. It usually keeps you at the verge of being misunderstood while you express your viewpoint.
  • Fluency is a gift of good grammar. A person who is well versed with his grammar lessons tends to be more confident and far more expressive. With a good selection and choice of words, the person is able to narrate his story in a more expressive and impressive manner.


  • Not many employers encourage the idea of not-being-so-grammatically-correct. This tends to immediately put them off. Also, it gives a not-so-good impression of yours while they receive your cover letter for some job role that is full of grammatical errors. This gives them another reason to simply ignore your job application and move ahead.


  • While writing a piece of communication especially on behalf of an organisation, it is quite important to inculcate the usage of error free grammar. Period. This is something that is so un-ignorable that this could actually make or break your deal. This can even lead to distrust of your expertise for that matter. It is a pre-conceived notion that someone who could not express his writing fluently is incapable of expressing knowledge even in the subject of authority.


  • Someone with inefficient grammatical skills is more vulnerable to forming a negative impression on others. As it is very correctly said that first impressions are usually everlasting. So you need to be tad more careful with that.


  • To be able to write a language grammatically correct often gives an impression of your credibility. In an attempt of building your reputation as an expert in any profession, usage of decent grammar is a must.


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