How to Get Website Traffic Use Simple Technique

You know that website traffic is the most important for Success online. But Here is some problem to get traffic on Gooogle, Yahoo or Bing.

But People are worried about how to get traffic their site within a short time. I am sure that all the people want to website traffic. But how to process it?

I am going to share with you the best technique to get traffic online. Bellow, you can check short topics:

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Let’s Go Deep in this topics…

CTR Optimization:

CTR means (Click Through Rate). Are you thinking that how to get traffic but CTR Optimization? Suppose you write an article for your blog. Your Article need a Title like ‘’ How to Get Website Traffic Use Simple Technique (2018)‘’
It is one of the biggest ranking signals on Google.

If people like your Title then they must CLICK your article. With this technique, you will get traffic and ranking your keywords fast.

But remember that don’t use misleading/fails title it will drop your rank.

Website Search Traffic

You will get some traffic from SERP (Search Engine Result Page). At first, optimize your content SEO friendly then build high-quality backlinks for your website.

When your website ranks on Google you will get traffic from web Search like Google.

Social Media

At present Social Media is the biggest part of Online Marketing. Most of the people start a business by using social media.

Just create a Social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and Published your Services and Product. People most likely visit your website.

Post daily on Social Media. you can easily boost your Pages with lower cost.

Guest Posting

Guest posting boosts your traffic and ranking. If you write an article from another website like author then you can easily link to your website address. People read your guest post article then click your link.

But most guest posting does not easy. You need some and good content writing skill.

Video Upload

I love Youtube because of youtube is too easy to use. And you create a free account then upload your own video.

When you upload a video you will see a description box. You can put your link here and save.
People watch your video Click your link from description box. You will get traffic!

High-Quality Backlinks

You know that backlinks are the top ten ranking factor on Google. Build high-quality link from another website like Youtube, guest posting, social media etc.

After Submitted link, you will get traffic from those link. If you don’t idea how to create backlinks take help from SEO expert in Bangladesh –!

Solving The Question

You can generate traffic to solve other people question.
For Example, Quora is a question-answer solution site. Sign in Quora then find your interesting topics, answer the question and link your website. The reader checks your link then click. You will get traffic easily!

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