Klove Studio – Home Lighting Art Installations

Decorative Lighting has always been the topic of fascination for people all over the world, whether it is Christmas or Diwali, decorative lighting has always dominated the scene, enhancing the beauty of a place manifolds. And so, to make the home or work place look more beautiful, the concept of decorative lighting has taken hold and also transformed into a form that is suitable for everyday use. Klove Studio is a well-known designer name in the field of luxury decorative lighting, and it has been developing different forms of decorative lighting for many years now.

The best example we see for decorative lighting is the use of Chandeliers. It is a decorative lighting piece that hangs from the ceiling beautifying the space in all the three dimensions. Chandeliers have been a part of decorative interior lighting for the longest time, and from the medieval times, when there was no electricity, it was built by wood, metal and glass with wax or oil candles and was used to decorate the room and as a source of light at night. Klove Studio brings exclusive chandeliers that are inspired from a wide range of natural, scientific and mystical phenomena.

Apart from the chandeliers, Klove Studio is also known for its Art Installations that have gained a lot of name and fame, being incredible unique and creative. These art installations have been created for various purposes, some of which have also been created for exhibitions and competitions at a global level, and many of these installations have also won the awards for its designers Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth. Being so talented, these designers have also created some dedicated lighting artwork, like Bike of Freedom for OLX, H20+Cue for the CUE showroom, and The Hendricks, which is inspired by The Hendricks Distillery.

Apart from these, Klove Studio brings other Lighting Solutions, like Floor and Table lamps, screens, chandelier pendent light, wall and hand blown glass accessories. All these are crafted by the use of hand-blown glass, brass, and other materials as and when required like wood, paper, cloth etc. All these pieces are lit up with high quality lighting, which makes it all the more decorative and beautiful.

Another form of high end lighting that just upgrades the class immediately is the use of wall murals. Lit up wall murals bring the depth in the wall adding a dimension to it like no other wallpaper can do. It is best suited for the lounges, hotels, showrooms, airports, exhibitions, high end offices and presidential homes, which means all those places where the art work is to be displayed can easily be decorated with the amazing pieces from Klove Studio, or it can also be exclusively designed by Klove studio according to the theme of the place, for example Mumbai International Airport first class lounge, The Dhaba by Claridges, and the latest, the fashion show Runway for the famous fashion Designer Gaurav Gupta’s Moondust collection.

Klove Studio brings the ultimate beauty and essence into all its lighting art pieces, and so, it has earned the reputation for developing the most innovative luxury lighting solutions.

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