Klove Studio – Luxury Home Lighting Solutions

Art is considered as the mirror of civilization and its culture, and as the civilization progresses, the art forms diversify and become more complex in their representation and creation. Today, various light forms are also being used as the decorative art pieces, and when it comes to the creation of perfect lighting décor, Klove studio is the biggest designer name in luxury lighting. Designers Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth, who are the founders and creators of famous pieces of lighting installations that have won many awards and accolades at the global platform.

The Lighting Solutions from Klove Studio are unique, designer and most importantly made with hand blown glass, which is an endangered form of art due to the abundance of machines for all kind of works. Prateek and Gautam are not just business partners but are also very good friends who love to travel together, gathering inspirations for their art forms, which is reflected well in their creations. This designer duo has the ability to turn the simplest sights into a unique work of art. For example, the birch tree was made into a beautiful chandelier, the eagle was elaborated into a wall mural which was so detailed it looks extra-ordinary at the first sight. Not only the sights, but the imaginations are also turned into stunning pieces of art, which is quite evident in its latest collection of grand sized chandeliers based on the Norse Mythology. All the Nordic Gods have been represented in the form of chandeliers but their character is highlighted very well by the use of colors in lighting and shapes of hand blown glass, giving these High-end lighting pieces proper definition.

The Home Lighting Solutions from Klove Studio include chandeliers, pendant lights, table and floor lamps, wall sconces, wall murals, screens, and decorative accessories. Each of these pieces is unique and delicately hand-crafted to perfection. Apart from home solutions they also design the whole theme in the place where the clients want it, like the complete lighting in the first class lounge of Mumbai International Airport has been conceptualized and designed by Klove Studio. Other case examples include The Dhaba by Claridges in Gurgaon and the Fashion show runway for the reputed Fashion designer Gaurav Gupta, both of which have been themed upon the main theme of what is being offered in these places, and it came out magically. Prateek and Gautam also participate in many global level competitions, and they have won many awards for their lighting installations. Their notable luxury lighting installation works include Mandapam, Nathadwara, The Hendricks, The Freedom Bike for OLX, and The Fox.

There are many other awe-inspiring lighting Art Installations that have brought a huge amount of admiration to the designers of Klove Studio. And none of this would have been possible if there wasn’t so much of hard-work, dedication, and talent involved in making Klove Studio what it is today. The efficient team of glass hand blowers, assembly team, delivery and installation team have made this possible for all to enjoy the rare and remarkable lighting work by Klove Studio.

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