Microgrid Market 2018 Research In-Depth Analysis, Applications, Forecasts To 2024

A latest report has been added to the wide database of Microgrid Market by Infinium Global Research. This report studies the Microgrid Market by power (natural gas, CHP, solar PV, diesel, fuel cell, and others), product (remote, grid connected, and hybrid), application (government, education, commercial, utility, defence, other) market status and outlook of global and major regions, from manufacturers, and end industries. The objective of the study is to identify market sizes of different segments & countries in recent years and to forecast the values for the next six years. Microgrid Market provides opportunities in micro markets for stakeholders to invest along with the detailed analysis of competitive landscape, latest trends, and product offerings of the major companies in the Microgrid Market. According to report the global microgrid market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 16.5% over the forecast period of 2018 – 2024.

Segments Covered

The report on global microgrid market covers segments such as power, product, and application. The power segments include natural gas, CHP, solar PV, diesel, fuel cell, and others. On the basis of product the global microgrid market is categorized into remote, grid connected, and hybrid. Furthermore, on the basis of application the microgrid market is segmented as government, education, commercial, utility, defence, and other.

Geographic Coverage

The report provides regional analysis covering geographies such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World. In this section the key trends and market size for each geography is provided over the period of 2016 – 2024. The countries covered in the North America region include the U.S., Canada, and Mexico; while Asia-Pacific includes China, Japan, India, South Korea, Malaysia and among others. Moreover, European region covers countries such as Germany, UK, France, Spain, and rest of Europe. The U.S. drives the growth in the North America region as it is the largest market in the region. The Asia-pacific region offers a substantial potential for the market growth owing to rapid growth in markets such as India and China. The APAC region is projected to experience a growth at a CAGR of x.x% over the period of 2018 – 2024.

Companies Profiled:

The report provides profiles of the companies in the global microgrid market such as, Siemens AG, General Electric, Exelon, Anarbic, Eaton Corporation, Spirae, NRG International, Northern Power, Honeywell International, and Pareto.

Table of Contents

1. Preface

1.1 Report Description

1.2 Research Methods

1.3 Research Approaches

2. Executive Summary

3. Global Microgrid Market Overview

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Market Dynamics   

3.2.1 Drivers

3.2.2 Restraints

3.2.3 Opportunities

3.3 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

3.4 IGR – Growth Matrix Analysis

3.5 Competitive Landscape in the Global Microgrid Market  

4. Global Microgrid Market by Power 2018 – 2024

4.1 Natural Gas   

4.2 CHP   

4.3 Solar PV  

4.4 Diesel   

4.5 Fuel Cell  

4.6 Others  

5. Global Microgrid Market by Product 2018 – 2024

5.1 Remote

5.2 Grid connected

5.3 Hybrid   

6. Global Microgrid Market by Application 2018 – 2024

6.1 Government

6.2 Education

6.3 Commercial   

6.4 Utility   

6.5 Defense  

6.6 Others  

7. Global Microgrid Market by Regions 2018 – 2024

7.1 North America

7.1.1 North America Microgrid Market by Power

7.1.2 North America Microgrid Market by Product

7.1.3 North America Microgrid Market by Application

7.1.4 North America Microgrid Market by Country   

7.2 Europe

7.2.1 Europe Microgrid Market by Power

7.2.2 Europe Microgrid Market by Product

7.2.3 Europe Microgrid Market by Application

7.2.4 Europe Microgrid Market by Country  

7.3 Asia-Pacific

7.3.1 Asia-Pacific Microgrid Market by Power

7.3.2 Asia-Pacific Microgrid Market by Product

7.3.3 Asia-Pacific Microgrid Market by Application

7.3.4 Asia-Pacific Microgrid Market by Country

7.4 RoW

7.4.1 RoW Microgrid Market by Power

7.4.2 RoW Microgrid Market by Product

7.4.3 RoW Microgrid Market by Application

7.4.4 RoW Microgrid Market by Sub-region

8. Companies Covered

8.1 Siemens AG  

8.2 General Electric

8.3 Exelon

8.4 Anarbic

8.5 Eaton Corporation

8.6 Spirae  

8.7 NRG International

8.8 Northern Power  

8.9 Honeywell International  

8.10   Pareto

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