Popular Tibet Adventure and Trekking Tours

Going on a Tibet Adventure tour for the first time? You will find a whole lot of different trekking trips offered by the tour operators in that area. While it is all exciting and exhilarating to explore each and every place we see, it is not quite possible to visit everything at a limited time. Hence, check out the treks available for the tourists before picking out the one that will suit you and your companions the best.

Most of the Tibet trekking trips start from the Lhasa airport, which is all the more exciting because of its rank as the highest altitude airport in the world. Some, however, also begins from the Chengdu airport in China. The arrival and departure points also vary depending upon which trekking trip you have picked out for your holiday.

The turquoise lake of Yamdrok is one of the famous spots to explore and discover. The tour operators offer home stays, tents and many options for the Yamdrok lake adventure trek. Most of these treks start at the Lhasa, with a tour of the ancient city and the famous palace of Patola.

For those who want to explore the ancient and religious part of Tibet, you can opt for the culture and religious tours, to explore the villages, monasteries, both big and small and find peace and comfort amongst the monks there.

Another exciting and most popular trek of Tibet is a visit to the mount Minyak Gangkar. Alighting at the Chengdu airport in China, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the snow-covered peaks and the fertile farmlands of the Tibetian farmers.

And, for those who are awe-struck with the Mt. Everest and all it represents, a trek to the base camp and a look into the life of mountaineers is possible. The treks are organized in a way to spend some time in the Mt. Everest base camp and explore the lives of those who have scaled or tried to scale the mountains.

There are many other treks on offer- a central Tibet visit or the Kangshung valley trekking- anything you feel like, provided you know what is on offer beforehand. So, if you are planning to explore Tibet this summer, check out the websites of the tour operators or call them before booking your seats to trek through the highest valley of the world.

About the Author:

This Article has been written by Dawa Tsering, Managing Director at Tibet Shambhala Adventure. Dawa Tsering, a resident of Lhasa city, has worked 19 years in the Tibetan tourism industry, traveling to every corner of Tibet including the western and eastern Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Yunnan, Kardze Tibetan Autonomous Region. He has dedicated a lot to the Tibetan tourism industry especially, adventure trekking, motor biking, mountain biking and Tibetan home stay and his passion is to explore more new Tibet travel and trekking destinations each and every year to provide a new, unique and authentic Tibet travel experience to his customers from all over the world.. He is fluent in Chinese, Tibetan and English. He can tailor you any type of unique Tibet tour and Tibet trekking tour throughout the region.

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