Prateek and Gautam-Lighting Designers

Klove Studio is the playground and workspace of the luxury lighting designer duo Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth, who is known all over the world for their unique creations. These creations come in a wide variety of lighting objects that are made by the use of hand blown glass and other premium objects to hold them together and enhance the looks, which might include brass, fabric, wood, Swarovski crystals etc. Lighting Designers Prateek and Gautam are not just business partners but are good friends as well. They travel together, getting inspiration from everywhere they go, and they get their hands dirty together, giving a try on hand blowing the glass themselves to make their perfect pieces of their famous decorative lighting. These pieces include chandeliers, pendant lights, screens, wall sconces, wall murals, table and desk lamps, vases, tea light candle stands and showpieces. Each piece from Klove Studio is unique as it is made by using hand-blown glass and showcases the interest of the artist duo in bringing still scenes to life with their creativity and designing skills.

Their famous pieces have been recognized by the Elle Décor Magazine and these talented artists have also won the award of the best luxury lighting designers on this platform, and have received awards and recognition in many other reputed platforms all over the world. These well-deserved awards exhibit the hard work and commitment to developing something new, and not to mention, a lot of creativity and art acumen.

In their latest range of hand blown glass chandeliers, the Nordic Collection has brought much recognition to their work. Inspired by the Nordic Gods, these chandeliers are magnificent and display the emotions related to these Gods, creating an aura of their presence. Freyja, Odin, and Aegir are perfectly represented by the exclusive chandeliers that have been designed to these names. Freyja, the goddess of beauty, love, and fertility is usually depicted with a long voluminous flowing yellow hair, which has been depicted quite well in the Freyja chandelier, in Odin chandelier, the depiction of sunny orbs has been perfectly materialized, other colours have also been used to represent the true nature of light, it is perfectly bright and majestic, Aegir is the God of the seas in Nordic mythology, it has been brought to life by the use of lit up blue orbs for the deep blue sea water and woven metal fabric reflecting the blue light creating the impression of the mighty waves. Apart from these super-sized chandeliers, Klove Studio also offers the other chandeliers in different sizes to suit the needs of their clients. Not only this, on client demand, Klove Studio also presents bespoke lighting solutions according to the theme and space of the space that the client needs to decorate with designer lighting.

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