Refrigerator Repair Westchester NY – How to Fix Your Refrigerator Issues

In this article, you can find some simple solutions to the simple problems your refrigerator may have. With this, you can learn to identify the problem and might even solve it yourself. Some of the issues might need the help of a pro, but knowing what the problem will help you save time and money.

Common Fridge Issues 

Some of the most common fridge issues include dirty coils and bad thermostats, which mean your appliance doesn’t hold its temperature. Both of these issues take about an hour to repair and could cost around $80 to $100.  For a leaking fridge, the likely cause is a clogged freezer drain line. For this issue, the price might be a bit more and to know, it’s better to discuss them with the technician.

The Refrigerator is Not Cooling

A fridge that doesn’t cool is one of the most common refrigerator repair issues in Westchester NY. If it’s your problem, you can try several simple fixes before doing any more complex repairs or hiring a pro. Some of these repairs you can perform include:

  • Ensuring the fridge is plugged correctly and is getting power.
  • Inspecting that the thermostat is not accidentally turned low.
  • Vacuuming the coils behind and under the refrigerator to remove clogs.
  • Ensuring the vents on the back of the freezer compartment is clear for circulation of cold air.
  • Making sure that the condenser fan has nothing stuck and keeps it from spinning freely.

If any of these DIY solutions don’t work, getting help from a professional refrigerator repair in Westchester NY is the best solution.

Refrigerator Leaking Water

If your fridge is having a problem with leaks, the possible solutions include:

  • Checking the defrost drain if it is frozen or clogged. If frozen, thaw the ice and flush hot water to clear it of debris.
  • Check the water tank for leaks. If the water tank is damaged, you will need to replace it. Repairing it won’t work.
  • Check to see if the water inlet valve has a loose fitting or is cracked. Make sure it is tight and secure to the water supply line.
  • Ensure that the water filter is fitted correctly by removing and reinstalling it.

These are a few of the possible solutions to the leaks. If any of these didn’t work, don’t hesitate to a hire a pro to help you.

Water Dispenser Not Working

Here are some of the frequent causes of a refrigerator’s water dispenser to not work:

  • The water tube door could be frozen, which you can resolve by thawing the frost. After this, make sure the freezer is at the proper temperature.
  • The water inlet valve may be defective, won’t open, or has too low water pressure. Correct the water pressure or replace the valve to resolve.

These are three of the most common refrigerator repair issues that Westchester NY experts can help fix. If simple DIY solutions don’t work, Westchester NYC refrigerator repair experts will surely know how to help you.

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