Rockman-Leading Automotive Component Manufacturers

Rockman is the biggest name among the leading automotive component manufacturers and it is recognized as the company that delivers high quality at competitive prices. Its reputation has been backed up by each lot of its products which are some of the highest range quality-wise but are available to the clients on an attractive price point. This has garnered Rockman a series of high-end clients that depend upon Rockman for their needs for auto parts. These clients include some of the biggest players of the automotive industry like Hero, Mahindra, Tata, Honda, Ford, Royal Enfield, and UM Motorcycles (Domestic OEMs), Bosch, Oerlikon Graziano, Denso, Stanadyne, Borg Warner, Lucas-TVS Limited, Gates, Magna, Wabco, Nemak, Continental, Mando, and KSPG Automotive (Domestic Tier 1), and Iwis, Getrag Ford Transmissions, Getrag, Wabco, Brose, Ford, Borg Warner, Torqtek, USUI International Corporation, and Magna (for Exports).

Rockman is not only the best, but it is also the biggest auto parts manufacturers in India, with its state of the art facilities and manufacturing units, it is one of the major global auto parts manufacturers, and since it is a venture of the prestigious Hero Group, there is a huge back up for acquisition of all the latest technological advancements and resources. Started as a bicycle chain manufacturing in 1960, it has gained valuable experience and expertise in past six decades and has brought about innovations, working in the field of two-wheelers and four wheeler automobiles, and carbon composited. It has three major divisions, i) Aluminium die casting, ii) Alloy Wheels, and, iii) Auto Chain Division, all the three of which make specialized products, and bring new products in the Automotive aftermarket, according to the latest technology and design requirements of the clients in India and abroad.

Rockman manufactures a range of products by Aluminium die casting, which include Automotive Components like pan oil upper, cover cylinder head, fuel rail assembly, passage water assembly, housings, tensioner rails, ECU Housings & covers, engine mounting, fan body, engine mounting, valve body, throttle body, shift fork assemblies, locking bracket assembly, fixing bracket, bearing segment, cover for shift, servo motor housings, transmission bracket, gear shift fork, and modulator value body, and Two wheeler Components like Crank Case, crank case cover, alloy wheels for two wheelers, cylinder head, bottom case, and two wheeler assemblies.

Rockman also brings smiles to the faces of the rural people of villages located near its manufacturing units and offices, by offering them help under its Corporate Social Responsibility Programme. Under the CSR activities of Rockman, one of the major campaigns is Mission Parivartan, in which Rockman has started initiatives to help the rural population to cause change ( parivartan ) their living conditions, along with the emphasis on the overall impact on the habitat.

Under this mission, the focus areas of Rockman are:

  • Rural Infrastructure Improvement

  • Educational Development

  • Skill Development

  • Environment -Green initiatives

By covering all these points in its CSR programme, Rockman has ensured the overall development of the societies, in terms of their physical, social and environmental living conditions.

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