Running Low on Income? Then Invest in Reliance Equity Savings Fund

The article describes Reliance Equity Savings Fund, which is currently regarded as one of the best options in the equity savings stream of mutual funds. The fund’s past performance has been quite applauding, thus making it a valid candidate for planning a comprehensive portfolio that can function towards goal-achieving.

We humans are fighters. We fight every day for making a living. But, if you look back a couple of centuries, the fight was even more gruesome. Earning the daily bread was the biggest challenge followed by the struggle to afford other luxuries like clothes and shelter. But today, you can sort at least the basics quite easily, provided you know where to dig.

While internet has generated many new job fields, they are seldom utilised due to lack of knowledge. So to ensure that you don’t stay deprived of such opportunities, we present a bulletin on Reliance Equity Savings Fund – one of the best opportunities in the range of hybrid equity savings mutual funds.

Looking Back

Reliance Equity Savings Fund (G) is a new entrant in the product family of Reliance Mutual Fund – one of the most renowned AMCs in India. It was started recently in 2015, with an aim to provide a platform to the investors for making highly productive portfolio capable of accomplishing their objectives.

As a result of sound fund management policies and prudent asset placement, Reliance Equity Savings Fund – Regular Plan (G) was blessed with quick success in the market. It has been able to swell to a size worth Rs. 2,265 crore, as recorded on 31st December 2018.

The Present Scenario

The past year had been a little disappointing for the equity investors. The overall growth of the category saw a slump, and could only recover in the later part of 2018. However, as far as the growth of Reliance Equity Savings is concerned, the graph seems pleasing. There has been a constant, though slow, rise in the growth thereby indicating that the fund has the potential to dodge market bumps and still continue steadily on the path of growth.

If we consider the data from May 2016, there has been a steady climb in the growth of Reliance Equity Savings Fund (G). The fund has spewed marvellous results and has acquired a parallel standing with its benchmark and peers. The returns achieved by the fund are applaudable, considering its short span in the market and an overload of competition from other major funds in the category.

For the sake of brevity, we have presented a detailed graph on the past performance of Reliance Equity Savings Fund (Growth), which will provide an in-depth knowledge about the fund’s stature in comparison with the benchmark and the peers.

The details in the table provide enough hints to conclude that Reliance Equity Savings Fund is indeed a powerful bet, and you can certainly plan your future investments with it. The fund has made a remarkable recovery from a shallow yield of -3.19% to a decent level producing 7.28% returns. Moreover, it has stood firm in the market competing with other top performing funds in India.

Some Important Facts

Now that we have covered the past performance and the current standing of the Reliance Equity Savings Fund in the market, it is time to uncover some important facts regarding an investment in it. Here are some important things that you ought to bear in your mind while investing in Reliance Equity Savings Fund: –

  • The NAV
    Reliance Equity Savings Fund (G) NAV slipped by 15 basis points valuing at Rs. 12.37 on 1st February 2019. For a fund this size, this rate seems to be pretty affordable, which indicates that this may be the best time to buy a large piece of this fund.
  • SIP Plans
    There’s a good news for the prospective investors that you can now investing in Reliance Equity Savings Fund at just Rs. 100 a month via an SIP plan. You also have an option to raise this amount in future, if necessary.
  • Exit Load
    Since there’s an exit load of 1% on premature redemption made within 365 days, it is advised to plan a long-term investment in the fund.

Hence, investing in Reliance Equity Savings Fund (G) may be one of the best choices that you may make for your portfolio. Call your financial advisor today, and give a second chance to your wealth building.

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