SEO Training Course in Abu Dhabi

The world is aware of SEO. It is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of attracting the presence of traffic on the internet in a search engine’s unpaid results. These results are known as organic results or the results ‘earned’ by a website. SEO basically targets image search, video search, industry-related search etc. It is an internet marketing strategy in which it is considered how a search engine works. Special algorithms are programmed that dictate a computer what people search or certain keywords used in a search engine. Many people opt for SEO certification courses to dive into different aspects of SEO.

Why is SEO Important?
Over the years, SEO has grown at a great speed. It is important for maintaining a competition in the market. A search engine serves innumerable users who are looking for answers to different questions. Having a website, blog or an online store, SEO helps in boosting the business and accomplish the required targets. It is important because:

· Most of the search engine users click on the results displayed in the first 5-7 suggestions in result pages (SERP). To gain benefits, you require being among 5-7 suggestions which are possible via better SEO results.

· SEO plays an important role in promoting a website. Users finding a certain website on Google or Yahoo are most likely to promote it on social media platforms.

· A user believes in the top seven suggestions displayed on the screen. If a website has a presence in the top seven, the trust for the same is increased.

· SEO also helps in staying a step ahead of fellow competitors. If two websites sell the same product, the website which is search engine optimized is likely to attract more traffic and make more sales.

Elements of SEO
There are different educational institutes offering SEO training courses in Abu Dhabi and other places. By pursuing these courses, an individual gets the concrete-hard idea about the Off-page SEO, On-page SEO, and other keyword strategies. Due to this, an individual becomes an expert in the field of SEO. There are some prime elements of SEO and here are the ones that relate to the frequently used search engine Google.

  • H1 Tags- H1 tags are used for titling the content.
  • Keyword Density- The amount of keywords used in the whole content is called keyword density. It should be used in an appropriate manner else the content is put under the black-hat.
  • Meta Description- This is the description provided to search engines in <meta> tag.
  • Permalinks- This refers to the permanent URL links related to a specific website.

SEO defines the tactical and strategic efforts for maximizing a website’s placement in search engine results. SEO lies on different factors like on-page HTML structure, website architecture, page content and keyword usage, inbound links, and a domain’s collective content.

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