Smoked Herring Market – Size, Share, Outlook, and Forecast till 2026

Herring is a flesh of fatty fish from shallow waters of northern Atlantic or Pacific. It belongs to the family Clupeidae (order Clupeiformes). Herring refers to either the Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus harengus) or the Pacific herring (C. harengus pallasii). They are small-headed, streamlined, colored fish with silvery iridescent sides and deep blue, metallic-hued backs. Adult herring range from 20 to 38 centimeters (8 to 15 inches) in length and they can grow 1.5 feet long. They live up to 19 years and can inhabit fresh as well as salt water. Herring feeds on organisms such as copepods, pteropods, planktonic crustaceans, and fish larvae.

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In Europe, majority of the herring are salted, pickled in barrels, or cured by smoking and sold as kippered herring. In eastern Canada and the northeastern U.S., most of the herring utilized are young fish, taken in inshore weirs or seines that are canned as sardines.  Majority of herring obtained from Pacific Ocean are used to manufacture fish oil and meal and smaller quantities are pickled and smoked. Herring is placed in smokehouse are smoked at 80-90° F (27-32° C) for 1 hour to dry the skin and obtain golden brown color.

Herring offers several health benefits, which is major factor driving growth of the smoked herring market size. It has high levels of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, essential fats that also play an important role in normal brain development and function. Studies carried out by various research organizations reported that omega-3s down-regulate inflammation and reduces the risk inflammation-associated disorders including heart attack, stroke, cancer, and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Furthermore, its provides benefits to patients suffering from high cholesterol, diabetes, symptoms of PMS, coronary artery disease, breast cancer, memory loss, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, insulin resistance, and arthritis.

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Key Developments in Smoked Herring Market

Market players are engaged in manufacturing new products with smoked herring in order to maintain leading position in smoked herring market. Herring preserved by using various methods such as smoking or salting.  Also, key players offer herring prepared from using Eastern European methods, which is propelling demand for smoked herring market. For instance, Gold Star Smoked Fish offers finest Eastern European specialty foods and exquisite smoked fish crafted using authentic Eastern European methods. Key players operating in smoked herring market include Zila Laguna, TSIALIOS, Gold Star, and Botsford Fisheries among others.

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