Thanksgiving Day Memory and Traditions Can the Personalized Photo Gift and Use of Words to Make a Picture

Next to Christmas, Thanksgiving is the second-best holiday of the year.  Family visiting, traditions flourish, and the best part, ahh the turkey, that everyone way eats too much of.  Want to start a new family Thanksgiving tradition? Make those memories last by using words to make a picture by using our services at Photo-To-Text.

Currently, what are some of your family’s Thanksgiving Day traditions?  Does your aunt or grandma make a special green bean casserole, or cranberry sauce?  How about grandpa or your dad fighting about who gets to carve that perfectly cooked turkey.  Who has the best pie tasting pumpkin pie?  Whatever the tradition is, they all have something in common, “family.” Here at Photo-to-text, use our, contemporary creations, and you can design a unique memory of your own family Thanksgiving that you can give to the whole family maybe even as a personalized photo gift to commemorate that Thanksgiving day.

To make a make that personalized photo gift, you need two things; you need a wonderful photo, and meaningful words.  Using words to a make a picture will make the photo more special, especially if they are your own words and its personalized.   There are various options to choose from. How about a moment of the family at the table from your last thanksgiving, or if you have access to it, maybe even a picture from your childhood on Thanksgiving Day.  These would not only make a great canvas for your home but also amazing gift for your parents or grandparents. Is there a picture of you carving the turkey along with your grandpa or dad, or perhaps baking a pie with grandma or mom? Any picture that is a good memory is sure to please for this idea. Then you choose your words. Another great idea you can do is write down your favorite memories or moments of Thanksgiving with your Family.

Do you have kids?  Make sure to capture the moment and take lots of picture of them this Thanksgiving Day coming up. Picture this, You, your spouse and your kids sitting at an alluring table all festive with a fall theme, accompanied by a fat turkey and the rest of the delicious Thanksgiving sides that accompany turkey. Whatever is the way you celebrate you will want to make sure to capture what makes your family time special.

Let Photo-to-Text help you use words to make picture, but what do you want the picture to say? Perhaps it can tell a story about how your family spent its Thanksgiving Day. What a wonderful memory for the whole household to enjoy!

Are you looking for a way to preserve your family recipes for the next generations? If that is the case, then you may truly love this idea. Take a picture of your Thanksgiving table.  Include anything special and then for the words use the recipes! How neat would that be? Then for a Christmas gift you can make copies for all your family.  To make it truly unique, make sure to include the actual recipe as well.

Christmas is coming soon, and perhaps many you are not sure where to start in your search for your perfect gift.  How about a photo themed gift?  Take a beautiful photo from your Thanksgiving Day and turn it into a personalized photo gift. Photos make the best gifts since they carry so much power Pictures recall a memory, makes us laugh, sometimes maybe even cry and forms relationships. We recreate and relive moments of our lives through our photos, and sometimes, they can bring back parts of life that we may think that we have lost.

Gosh there are tons of photo themed gifts to choose from, some that are personalized, and some that are not. I have seen many custom photo albums, scrapbooks, and frames. There are so many creative ways to turn a photo into an important, and special holiday gift. If you are looking for a creative photo gift that your friends and family are sure to find unique, give us at Photo-to-Text a try by creating a picture canvas.  The Photo-to-text canvas is an influential way to use words to make a photo and create memories.

To begin creating your one-of-a-kind canvas, you will need to choose the photo that will be used. If you are planning to give the photo canvas as a holiday gift, consider choosing a picture of the friend or family member who will receive the canvas. Family photos are especially important around festive time.  Personally, I think that personalized photo gifts have more sentiment than material gifts, plus also around Thanksgiving and Christmas being with family is so much more precious than gifts anyways.  It is the time to remind ourselves and others about the love we share and growing closer to one another.

But in real life with all this talk of how to make personalized gifts and what makes a great gift and what not, remember, you’ve also got great smells, tastes, traditions, and hopefully awesome family and family contributing to the experience, to make new memories and traditions so don’t forget to capture them on film.

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