Top 10 Reasons Why You Must Visit Dubai!

For many travelers, Dubai may sound exotic and expensive, and truly it is the same or nothing like this at all, as the Dubai can be described based on how you experience it and what things you see.

Dubai is a city in UAE that is not afraid of ambition from high-end mega malls to some of the tallest buildings and the largest artificial islands in the world! You could experience the scorching hot temperature in summers while November to January months are much relieved where you experience the blue skies and picture perfect beach climate.

If you’ve never visit Dubai and this is the first time you are planning your trip to Dubai then here are ten reason and probably the best things to do and see in Dubai. Check out these now and book in your flight seats in advance by choosing Etihad Airways Coupon Codes.

#1: Dubai has the Most Striking Skyline in the World

No matter where you are, whether around the tallest manmade structure at Burj Khalifa or at the Marina which is home to 4 of the tallest residential buildings; you could look at the best and amazing views.

The view from the above is a definite eye catchy look; by going at the height in any of the tallest building you can capture all the beautiful sight.

#2: The City is a Foodies Heaven

If food is your weakness then you can surely find some amazing food styles in the city. There are about hundreds of cuisines and restaurants in Dubai that can satisfy all types of food cravers. One can find Arab-Persian-Indian-Pakistani-Filipino-French-Japanese-Chinese-British, and American restaurants, at the nearest location and the restaurant’s varieties is for everyone who is looking for humble and fancy restaurants.

Indulge in some food festivals that happen throughout the year and enjoy some pop-up eateries and make your time in Dubai filled with fun.

#3: The Blessed Man-Made Islands

The islands in Dubai are one of the main draws for visitors. As a tremendous display of wealth, Dubai has some beautifully crafted artificial islands into shapes off the coast. One can have the most beautiful experience on those islands; one is in the shape of a palm tree, and the other one is pretty popular and known as “The World.”

#4: Go skiing in the desert

Yes, you read that right. Dubai island of dessert; you will find here a ski slope in the middle of the Arabian Desert. About 22,500 square meters and 85 meters high, the 5 slopes indoor ski resort also possess the world’s first 400 meters long indoor black run.

#5: See the biggest fountain show in the world

The Dubai Fountain is a un-missable sight. When you plan to visit Dubai then do pay a visit to the Dubai fountain, created by the same people who created the iconic Bellagio fountain in Las Vegas. Do plan a good time here and enjoy the fountain show illuminated by 6,600 lights and 25 colored projectors. It’s a very cool show almost 1,000ft long and the water sprinkles about 500ft high into the air. The show is held by an array of classical, contemporary, Arabic and different world music.

#6: It’s a multi-cultural dissolving pot

The country is home to about 200 different nationalities having a population of massive 90% from outside the country. Dubai is unarguably one of the most multinational cities in the world. In comparison to the popular cities like New York or London, that has been colonized for hundreds of years. Dubai’s expats are the first-generation people who brought different culture and traditions.

#7: The City is a Shopping Paradise

Shopping is probably one of the top reasons why many people have a good time in Dubai. If you love to shop then you shouldn’t miss out the biggest mall in the world and with high-end retail places ostensibly available on every corner. The shopping in Dubai is a treat for all shoppers as they will find some great stores and some incredible things that are a must purchase. In the Souk Madinat, the waterways will lead you from one store to the next. The namshi is the best online shopping sites where you can buy a fashionable product with a discount on namshi coupon codes.

#8: It is the Modern Art and Design capital of the Middle East

If you want to experience the modernity and amazing design capital of Middle East then here in Dubai, you can witness the gritty Alserkal Avenue art district that has grown up in the developed Al Quoz area over the past years. There is some fine work of slick art galleries scattered through the Financial Centre and some beautiful diverse art scene to explore.

Visit the amazing Dubai Design District where you can find some array of art and design festivals like Art Dubai and Design Days.

#9: Visit the legendary Gold Souk

Now, to experience some traditionalism in Dubai, you can see some of the enormous mega-malls after where you can head to the Gold Souk. It is an Arabian jewelry store located in the city’s oldest area. It is quite a popular trade centre in Dubai since 1940 and expected to have nearly 10 tons of gold available.

#10: Relish an abra beyond Dubai Creek

Most of the tourists wish to take pictures at the popular skyscrapers and glitzy 5-Star hotels but actually, you can plan differently by staying away from hustle and bustle and enjoy the Dubai Creek. The abra crossing of Dubai is a must-see for all who want to experience the Old Town, separated in two by an arm of the sea.

Hope, you visit all of the above places in Dubai and make sure to book in your flights to Dubai using Emirates coupon codes and Etihad coupon codes to plan a budget trip.

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