What is the key difference between the two terms- EnMS and EMIS?

With the only goal of making and advancing the awareness towards supportable advancement among all overall business networks, the International Organization for Standardization had brought into impact the ISO certification 50001. Since its production on 15th June 2011, the ISO 50001 has dependably remained for a formalized ISO certification process for brilliance in systematic energy management systems (EnMS) and advancing energy effectiveness among associations everywhere throughout the globe.

  • The ISO 50001 is a benchmark that underpins the associations with a structuralized plan for coordination and usage of various energy effectiveness measures all through the management practices of an association.
  • The ISO certification 50001 goes about as an only coordinated standard for energy productivity among the worldwide business concerns.
  • Through a remarkable technique for execution of energy effectiveness strategy, all foundations can work as a whole towards the worldwide drive of energy preservation.

Under ISO 50001,

  • Energy management is now an extensive term that is being utilized particularly in various fields of business. Plainly, it can suggest distinctively to various people. This means that, the concept of Energy management can be interpreted differently in different spheres of industry.
  • Be that as it may, a typical problem that the vast majority of the experts confront that is a significant beginner to the domain of ISO certification is about the contrast among EnMS and EMIS.


  • Importantly, the ISO certification 50001 always stands for a perfect Energy Management System (EnMS). According to the ISO 50001 rules, the perfect EnMS has an all around organized system that incorporates two separate circles management and specialized.
  • Under the specialized head, there is a very imperative part of Energy Management Information System (EMIS). The key contrast between the two terms EnMS and EMIS is that Energy  Management System (EnMS) is a wide domain that comprises of the imperative part of Energy Management Information System (EMIS).
  • An EnMS is a structure by which an association utilizes perfect procedures to keep up the control and upgrade of energy effectiveness, which is a systematic way to deal with energy management.

The structure of a perfect EMIS is represented underneath


The Energy Management Information System or EMIS is the most basic part of the much desired EnMS. The EMIS emphasizes the collection of the information that underpins different aspects of an EnMS which incorporates the capacities as mentioned below-

  • The energy audit
  • Estimation of an energy standard,
  • Energy performance indicator , and
  • Checking of the activity plan results.
  • Be that as it may, the EMIS conveys no an incentive until the point that the correct information is assembled and investigated and translated in the correct way.
  • EMIS is a key part of the EnMS; the appropriately utilized EMIS information underpins great EnMS basic leadership; the EnMS guides EMIS structure and guarantees a decent profit for the EMIS venture.

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