Which Sectors Does Open Source Intelligence Be Applicable?

Are you already employing open source intelligence to your organization? So, how familiar are you about it?

No specific date states when was the open source intelligence was proposed initially. But, it has been used to define the act of collecting intelligenceusing publicly available resources exploitation.

Today, national security research increasingly become a necessity for various organizations. This is because the sources provided are known to be distinguished from different forms of intelligence to be legally accessible to the public. As a result, many sectors developed an ability to apply security services where businesses can exploit resources to get necessary intelligence regarding their competitors.

Different sectors can be benefitted a lot by utilizing homeland security report to ensure that they are safely operating while obtaining appropriate resource to maintain their success. So, what are these sectors?


Government bodies are already using national security research, including the military departments. The largest consumers of the sources are these departments.

The need for national security, cyber tracking the terrorists and supplying the policymakers with the necessary information related to external and internal policy push the government to employ open source intelligence research. Also, it is an advantage in understanding both domestic and foreign public views about varying subjects and exploiting international media for overseas events.


With the help of open source security research, it becomes easier for the business owners to monitors the activities of their competitors, understand the market, predict the possible elements affecting the current operations and plan strategic marketing activities for future growth.


The sad thing is, different terrorist organizations can use national security can use be used in planning attacks and collecting confidential information before the attack takes place. Information can be extracted usingseveral satellite images, including Google Maps to perform an investigation into the target location. Also, these sources are used to obtain military information easily, get additional fighters via social media analyzation as well as to spread their propaganda across the various media channels.


United Nations as a popular international organization use open source intelligence research to provide a peacekeeping operations support worldwide effectively. Also, these sources are used to aid other international organizations in helping people during a disaster or crisis.

How can you collect an open source intelligence research? You can collect these sources using various methods such as active, passive and semi-passive. Then, the process of gathering the information will depend on the data you are interested in or need.

As people and organizations continue to seek essential information regarding a particular event, open source intelligence research will stay as a vital means.

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