YUHANHITEC manufactures air curtains and press molding products in Korea

Hello, this is the CEO of YUHANHITEC, Han JOO-HYUN. Since our establishment in 1983, the main line of our products has been press molding processing, and we have also been manufacturing various products such as automobile parts, car audio products, PC cases, and air curtains. We have invested many funds in implementing modern manufacturing facilities and R&D.

YUHANHITEC is presently equipped with facilities that can quickly respond to customers’ needs from the phase of design/development phase to production.

Dreaming of our second leap, YUHANHITEC will share our special know-how with our many partners so that we can provide perfect quality, competitive costs, and speedy information to achieve customer satisfactions.

We promise you that YUHANHITEC will become a role model and the most successful partner that can communicate with our partners and surprise our customers with unsurpassed quality.


Using the air pressure, the external air and the internal air are separated, so that alien substances in the atmosphere as well as small bugs’ entries are blocked and the internal temperature is maintained at adequate levels.

Effects of air curtains

  1. You can open the door anytime you want to. So, customers can easily access and you can expect an increase in the revenue.
  2. Vibrations of air curtains cause circulation of the indoor air, and as a result, the cooling/heating of large indoor space can be maintained with great energy efficiency.
  3. It is effective in energy conservation not only by preserving cooled or heated air, but also by blocking outside air.
  4. You can keep the door open at all times, so that you can keep children’s hands from being stuck there.
  5. You can prevent external dusts, car dusts and smokes from entering the indoor space.
  6. You can prevent the external air from entering the indoor space in the winter/summer. You can also prevent the internal air from leaking to the outside.

Plasma ion curtain

Effects and characteristics of ion clusters


Ion clusters with excellent ability to remove odors and sterilize germs are added to general air curtain products. It can remove odors and germs at entrances or shoes cabinets or prevent transmission of the flu.


OH radical ion particles supplied by plasma ion generators can effectively sterilize germs and viruses in the air and remove and dissolve odors.

Comparisons of Filter Types

Most filters operate on a general air cleaning method that absorbs and collects pollutants in the air. Even if you use a very high density filter such as a HEPA filter, you may not expect the removal of volatile organic compounds, bacteria, and so on. Even if you consistently maintain air circulation, you cannot rule out gas type floating pollutants with a filter dust collection method.

Are you looking for air curtain manufacturer in Korea ? YUHANHITEC manufactures air curtains and press molding products we will give you the most satisfactions with our quality and trusts.




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